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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Story that made Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam cry

The chief of the tribe, Qays Ibn 'Asim, after embracing Islam confessed to Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam the following incident:

"O Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam. A daughter was born to me when i was away from home on a journey. In my absence, her mother out of natural urge nursed her for a few days. After some days fearing that I would kill her or bury her alive, she sent the child to her sister to be looked after. When I returned from my journey I was told that my wife had given birth to a dead child, thus the matter was shelved. The child remained in the care of her aunt for a few years.
"Once I went out of the house for the whole day. Thinking that I would out for a long time, my wife called her daughter to enjoy her company during my absence."
"I changed my mind and returned home much sooner than expected. When I entered the home my eyes fell upon a very beautiful, little girl playing in the house. When I looked at her I was suddenly overwhelmed by a strong and spontaneou urge of affection for her within me. My wife also sensed it and it became sure that my blood had recognised my blood and that my fatherly love and affection had sprung for the child. I asked my wife, "Whose daughter is this?She is really charming!"
"My wife tole me all about her. I could not control myself and eagerly took my daughter in my arms. Her mother told her that I was her father. She immediatley began displaying her love for me, and lovingly called me 'My father!My father!'"
"At those moments I felt an indescribably fatherly pleasure by emdracing her while she puts her arms around my neck."
"Days and weeks went by in this manner and the child remained with us, free from any worry or discomfort. But at times when she caught my attention such thoughts came to my mind, that I shall have to be a father-in-law, by giving her off to someone's wife. I shall have to bear the insult that my daughter will be someone's wife. How shall I be able to face the people? All my honour and pride will be ruined. These thoughts took hold of my mind and tortured me countinously."
"Ultimately these thoughts aroused my pride and provoked my hard-heartedness, and made me deviod of any pateince. Thus I firmly decided to do away with this stigma of shame and humiliation for me and my ancestors. I decided to bury the girl alive."
"I then asked my wife to get the girl ready as I planned to take her to a feast with me. My wife gave her a bath, clad her in pretty clothes and made her ready to go with me."
"The little girl was bubbling with hapiness, thinking that she was accompanying her father on a happy occasion. I set off with her towards the jungle. The child was going with me leaping with joy and pleasure, holding my hand here, getting ahead of me there, prattling to me with squeaks of innocent gaiety and laughter. But I has become blind to see and enjoy these innocent acts and was impatient to get rid of her as soon as possible. The child was absoutley unaware of my sinister intention and followed me merrily.
"I finally stopped at a place which I cannot remember now, and started digging. The innocent child was surprised to see me doing that and repeatedly asked, 'Father, why are you digging?' but I did not pay any attention to her queries. How could she possibly know that I was digging that pit to bury her own sheerful and beautiful self in it with my own hands?"
"While digging, dust wouldfall upon my feet and clothes. My daughter would clean the dust from my feet and clothes cheerfullu complaining,'Father you are spoiling your clothes.' But I, like a deaf person, did not even care to look at her. It was as if I had not heard her at all."
"I viciously continued my job and dug a pit big enough to serve the purpose. I then in cold blood, threw the innocent child into the pit and hastily started filling it.
"The poor child looked into my eyes frightened and surprised. She was frantically crying and screaming, 'Father! My dear Father! What is happening? I can;t get out! Father please help me! What are you doing? Why are you hiding me in the ground?' But I kept on doing my work like a deaf, dumb and blind person without paying the least attention to her beseeching entreaties and begging pleas. As I continued to bury her struggling body, I in my malice towards her being a girl, raised a rock above my head and brought it crashing down upon hers, in an attempt to stop her struggling, striking her either unconscious or dead, I cannot quite recall."
"As the earth slowly rose to consume her still body I heaved a sigh of relief when finally her bleeding face dissapeared from view. I then returned home satisfied that I had saved my honour and pride from humiliation".

Hearing this man describe the cold-blooded murder of his won helpless, innocent daughter, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam could not control himself, and with tears streaming down his cheeks, he let out such screams in his crying that people began to worry about him. He slowly recovered and managed to say; "This is extreme cruelty. Can one who does not have pity or mercy on others be shown mercy by Almighty Allah?"